authorI do this comic for several reasons. Some cruddy circumstances left me technically homeless, even though i have fabulous credit, an excellent rental history, and two reliable jobs. My unorthodox family is split up at the moment. :( So far, thanks to the generosity of friends, i won't have to pack all my pets into my car and live there with them, but my situation is still far from ideal. I don't know when i'll be able to hang out with both my partners on a regular basis again, so if i can hang out with them on these pages, that's at least something. We also need a laugh--we're looking for a house in real life, too, and making fun of it being all uphill is the best way to deal. And of course, being homeless is expensive--i have to store my belongings (photos, art, etc. can't be replaced as easily as furniture!) and it's difficult and expensive to get to work from my temporary home. So if you can spare a $1 a month for a comic you appreciate, please consider making it mine.

When i'm not making sad faces at you from the bio of my webcomic, i publish short fiction under the name Cory Skerry, read submissions for an online magazine, and sell art supplies. I have two big stupid lovable dogs and three crabby elderly cats and a tankful of clown killifish and a bearded dragon. When this meatsuit starts to fall apart, i want science to put my brain into a giant octopus body, with which i promise to be very responsible and not even slightly shipwrecky. Pinky swear.