MOOSE - Likes to play with mechanical things (and scream at them when they don't work). He is unlikely to scream at people, and in fact, he's quite paranoid about being nice. And about medical issues. And crime. And the inevitable heat death of the universe.


SHERIDAN ELLIOTT RICHMOND III - Every report card he received in school used the word "instigator" on it.


STUB - Can find the good in everything, even things that he probably shouldn't find the good in, like old takeout in the back of the fridge or awkward visits from religious missionaries, who have trouble getting away from him once he's decided they're his friends. He's devoted to Mandibles.


MANDIBLES PARKER - Serves as the counterbalance to Stub's incredible optimism. Also serves as the counterbalance to his height. She enjoys animals and logistics issues with Sheridan's elaborate murder plots.